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    本校是一典型的「東排灣族」子弟的原住民學校。國小有六班,共55人。幼兒園二班,24人。排灣族籍學生高達97.5%。教職員人數方面:校長1人、國小教師12人、幼兒園教師2人、教保員  2人、本土語支援教師2人、職工3人、廚工2人。其中原住民籍教職員工約占37%











XinXing Elementary School

Jinfong Township, Taitung County

Brief Introduction



Brief History and Background

        XinXing Elementary School was founded on April 2nd, 1961. It is situated besides the Central Range of Taiwan, facing the beautiful Pacific Ocean. The parents of the students are mostly from the native Paiwan tribes, the XinXing and Beili townships. Therefore, the families are mostly underprivileged economically and medically. However, their extraordinary Paiwan tribal arts and cultural traits, didn't only made the campus into a mini natural forest, but it also created "The Campus as My Home" scenery, which gives us a glimpse of their Paiwan tribal wisdom.





Students and staff

        It is a school with generations of East Paiwan tribal descendants attending. Elementary school has six classes, in total of fifty-five students. Two classes in Kindergarten, in total of 24 students. More than 97.5% of the students are of Paiwan tribal descendants. School staffs includes a principal, twelve elementary school teachers, two kindergarten teachers, two preschool caregivers, two native speaking teachers, three administration officers, and two kitchen staffs. 37% of the staff are of native descendants.




Mission Statement

        Our school focused on the Humane Care and Independent Learning. Goals are to create a 'Culture of Self', which included self-affirmation, self-liking and to respect others. Then the 'Informative Culture', where students broader their horizon in knowledge and life application. Thirdly, the 'Culture of Knowledge', which including life- long learning. 'Culture of Creativity' is the forth, including Independent judgment for art and beauty. Lastly, 'Culture as a person of Nature' to believe in nature and allow nature to take its course.




Campus Culture

        First of all, our school wishes to strive towards the 'Learning For All', which we encourage all the teachers to attend all ranges of continuing education trainings. This is to ensure all educators are equipped to assist the students in improving their learning abilities. We also promote 'local education' by creating a native culture campus. Creative corner in the classroom and campus, to ensure the students are stimulated. Last and not least, the physical fitness classes to promote health education in the campus.